Oh, what a mangled web we weave, when first in test scores we do believe…240_F_36539779_bkQ5KXftql36po9Wun46UyBRabTLrIBI

If you are a Teacher, a Curriculum, Literacy or Instructional Coach or other School Admin Staff, you are up to your elbows in testing right about now, and more or less that way till just about the end of the school year!

Schools across the nation have been engaged in all sorts of formative testing across grade levels to assess reading levels, including phonics, phonemic awareness, concepts about print, vocabulary, and writing/spelling; MAP Testing (Measures of Academic Progress); classroom curriculum benchmark testing; and now State measures of progress in the form of summative assessments given throughout the last twenty days of the school year to measure progress in Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies.

If you are also a parent of one of those “tested-out” students, God bless you!!!

It’s almost over.

But not yet.