Oh, what a mangled web we weave, when first in test scores we do believe…240_F_36539779_bkQ5KXftql36po9Wun46UyBRabTLrIBI

If you are a Teacher, a Curriculum, Literacy or Instructional Coach or other School Admin Staff, you are up to your elbows in testing right about now, and more or less that way till just about the end of the school year!

Schools across the nation have been engaged in all sorts of formative testing across grade levels to assess reading levels, including phonics, phonemic awareness, concepts about print, vocabulary, and writing/spelling; MAP Testing (Measures of Academic Progress); classroom curriculum benchmark testing; and now State measures of progress in the form of summative assessments given throughout the last twenty days of the school year to measure progress in Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies.

If you are also a parent of one of those “tested-out” students, God bless you!!!

It’s almost over.

But not yet.

What a Gifted Writer, Rhi

Rhi is preparing herself for the opening of a play that she wrote about herself, an Autistic woman lately diagnosed.

It is being performed in the UK (wish I could see it, but I’ll keep up with the following) by Lucy Theobald, whom Rhi declares absolutely does an amazing job of portraying her character.

Rhi is saving up her reserves at the moment, she says, because it can be very energy-draining to stay in the limelight up to the point of opening night.

Makes me think of various students and people I know who have so much of this same kind of creative energy and talent to share.  Makes me want to figure out ways to get them writing…

You can see more of Rhi here:

via The Duck: An Autistic Play 

Further details for local tickets for The Duck can be found here:

Thanks, Rhi, for sharing your life with us.  You are teaching us more than you realize.


Literacy in the Sky (with diamonds??)

Well, no, it wasn’t the Beatles’ song, or anything close to it, except for the fact that this title sort of sounds like ” Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds“.

And one could certainly make the argument that there appeared to be a couple of those in the sky alongside the beautiful phrase “SHORT FLIGHT LONG ISLAND“.

This photo was taken today over Myrtle Beach as the Blue Angels flew over as part of their “Wings Over Myrtle Beach” Air Show.

That poetic phrase rings quite true, as Myrtle Beach became a man-made island in the year 1936 after the completion of the Intracoastal Waterway.  So Myrtle Beach is technically an island.

And the “diamonds” are represented by the huge ball (sun) and another small one (unknown).  So you go, Lucy.

Checking up on HOW we read (because it matters that we have misrepresented to students why we read and how we ought to approach any text whether fiction or nonfiction)

Kylene Beers and Bob Probst have written many a gifted text for those of us seeking answers to questions we as educators carry around with us in angst, day after day, about how to solve inadequacies we see in student comprehension, in bridging gaps in reading achievement and so on.  But this one is a particularly noteworthy one, as it “busts through all the bull” that students face as they approach upper elementary into middle school years and run straight into fake news; Beers and Probst provide strategies to help students find their voice in social justice and all else they read while feeling their way through, to help themselves understand why how they read is so important. Students begin to approach text as critical thinkers:  thinking — in which the student improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing, and reconstructing it. Critical thinkers self-direct, self-discipline, self-monitor, and self-correct thinking.

Whoa.  For students to get to that point through strategies learned, that really is disrupting thinking…theirs and ours.

So Excited to See Progress In Puerto Rico


How uplifting it is to hear about and see the progress that is being made, taking place in the different regions in Puerto Rico, especially in the harder to reach areas like the mountainous regions.  The groups that are undertaking these tasks are nothing less than Real Heroes.  And the thing that drives most of them to get the job done?  Knowing that somebody has a fighting chance afterwards, a real fighting chance to make it!

The individuals and groups of people are “regular people”to hear them describe themselves; they’re military veterans, policemen, retirees, church groups, etc.

They are not really so regular after all.  Regular people don’t uproot themselves, upset their personal financial budgets, work 60-80 hour weeks for no pay and no particular place to stay.

No.  These folks are Real Heroes.  The Unsung Type.  So to these folks, thank you.  And if you are a believer, as I am, that what you do comes back to you, you can’t help but smile.

Vision Board 2018

I couldn’t get nearly everything I needed or wanted on my Vision Board.  But the Vision can’t include everything…

It mainly needs to show where you are, where you plan to go, and what your rocket fuel is…